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'Sacred Pouch' CD
A guided vizualization of a journey to meet The Goddess

In this guided visualization you are taken on a
magical journey to meet The Goddess.

Relax and be led by Luna Moon Hare
to meet The Maiden, Mother and Crone.

This guided journey was inspired by The Goddess and
written by Wendy Andrew

The beautiful atmospheric music was composed by Steve McGrath
and the CD was recorded and mixed at Lime Street Sound in Dublin

Running time 30 minutes

Supplied in cardboard wallet and cello wrapped

View feedback from people who have bought the 'Sacred Pouch' CD below.

'Sacred Pouch' CDs

Supplied in cardboard wallet and cello wrapped

Prices include shipping, make sure you select the right option:

UK - £12.00 each
Mainland Europe - £13.50 each
Worldwide - £15.00 each

Shipping Destination:


'Sacred Pouch' CDA guided vizualization of a journey to meet The Goddess 'Sacred Pouch' CDA guided vizualization of a journey to meet The Goddess

Customer feedback

Email your 'Sacred Pouch' CD feedback to feedback@paintingdreams.co.uk

Hi Wendy ~

Received my CD yesterday and have just listened and enjoyed it sooo much, thank you for creating such a beautiful meditation.

Blessed Be,

Marilyn x


Thank you for the beautiful cd. An absolute treasure.

Bright blessings


This evening, despite being unable to manage a quiet moment with my headphones, feelings of stress drew me back to your beautiful merging of voice & music , and i decided to listen to the CD letting it fill the room for the first time. It was wondrous, so very soothing and refreshing for mind, body & spirit...i listened to it four or five times in succession, immersing myself fully in the flow of healing energies.

Thank you once again for this exceptionally restorative experience.

I dont have the words to express how uplifting and moving I found this wonderful guided journey.. your words connected deeply within my soul..my very core...thank you so much for sharing your amazing gifts :) xx

Dear Wendy,
I have just completed the Sacred Pouch journey with Luna Moon Hare to meet The Goddess.
Meeting each aspect of the Goddess was a joy and their gifts real treasures. Thank You... More Than Words Can Say, for a Beautifully Crafted guided journey I will treasure anew each time I make it.

Blessed Be, by the Power of Three,

Hello Wendy,

Having ordered a copy of the "Sacred Pouch" CD as soon as you announced it was available, and receiving it so swiftly, i wanted to send you my heartfelt thanks for a truly uplifting experience when i sat down to listen to it for the first time last night.

From the outset, with the exquisite intermingling of voice and music, i was drawn into the magic of past, present & future so smoothly and easily, and able to immediately enter the flow of images evoked by your word-pictures. The ensuing visual and spiritual journey led to an extraordinarily mystical encounter, and one which i may return to and re-enter at any time or season, when in need of inner refreshment and healing.
Thank you.

With kindest thoughts,


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