'Luna Moon Hare'
A Magical Journey With The Goddess

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See feedback from people who have bought 'Luna Moon Hare'

As the moon waxes and wanes it is reflected in the eye of a hare. ‘This is now and this was then and this is Luna Moon Hare.’

She follows the magical way of The Goddess on her cyclic journey through the seasons, helped, guided and challenged by mythical creatures, totem animals and faeries.

Wendy Andrew’s enchanting illustrations and lyrical words offer a subtle and yet profound insight into the magical world in which we live.

It has been beautifully produced with a hardback cover and dust jacket...a real book to treasure!

Here are a few images from the finished book.

Luna Moon Hare - front cover

Front Cover

Luna Moon Hare - imbolc chapter header

Once upon a cold January night, the white Wolf Moon is shining in a bright hare’s eye. This is now and this was then and this is Luna Moon Hare. The path that she walks is white with snow. The world is cold and still. Luna’s paw-prints mark her journey as she carries the holly crown through the winter stillness. She has travelled above, below and beyond and has seen the Cold Moon scatter diamonds on the frozen land.

Luna Moon Hare - Luna flies on the back of a great white swan

The snow, now a blizzard, sweeps around her, stinging her eyes, blinding her, swirling, whipping whirl-winds, spinning, white light, floating, rushing air. She is swept off her feet. She feels like she is flying! She IS flying! She is riding on the back of a great white swan. In the rushing air of the sweeping wings she hears the words. “Remember, you are never alone”.

The rhythm of the flying swan lulls Luna into deep sleep.

Luna Moon Hare - Ostara double page spread

As she travels Luna is rescued from the slavering jaws of hunting hounds by a dragon that emerges up out of the landscape.

She travels on, above, below and beyond and into the bright days of early spring.

Full of energy she springs around madly.

“Hello, you mad March hare!”Luna stops in her tracks and looks up to see a primrose veiled young maiden. She giggles and says “It’s good to see that you are full of the joys of spring! I am Eostre and your journey has brought you here to Ostara. It is the Spring Equinox.”

Luna Moon Hare - Morgan La Fey at Samhain

“Welcome back, Luna. I am Morgan La Fey. You have passed through the thin veil between the worlds and have journeyed well. My crow sisters and I will watch over you as you travel, and the wheel turns.”

She stretches out her arm and it makes a path to forever...


Email your 'Luna Moon Hare' feedback to feedback@paintingdreams.co.uk

Dear Wendy

I thought I'd just let you know how it was received.

I bought the book as a christmas present for my daughter, who's 9, and was feeling a bit let-down with the lack of Father Christmas and tooth fairy. I bought 'Luna Moon Hare' as a reminder that there are still wonderful things around us and things to believe in. She's absolutely loved it and we read a chapter a night to help her sleep.

Thank you so much - it was her favourite present.

With bright blessings


Hi Wendy,

I received my package yesterday, thank you so much for signing my copy of Luna Moon Hare and the lovely card you enclosed. The book is so beautiful and I know I will be dipping into it continually at the festivals throughout the year. I have just finished listening to the cd which is so enchanting and I will be placing more orders shortly for up and coming birthday presents. The goddess wheel is exquisite, I am so glad I have discovered your website and seen all the things you design. I have been buying your cards for years from other sources and didn't realise all the other beautiful things you produce.

Bright Blessings Always.

Hi Wendy

Just wanted to say thankyou for 'Luna Moon Hare' I just adore this book and this one is "my" copy so thankyou for also signing it! I bought a copy for my daughter a couple of years ago for her birthday and it is one of her most treasured books but she gets annoyed with me constantly borrowing it! I never get bored of reading it or looking at your beautiful artwork and it always fills me with such emotion. I look forward to your next project with great anticipation (should there be one!)

With Brightest Blessings

Perri x

Dear Wendy,
I just got finished reading Luna Moon Hare and it was amazing!
It is now one of my most cherished books I own.

Every time I got the chance to pick it up and read some more, I hated putting it down.
What a wonderful artist and writer you are.
It was just so full of spiritual magic and it transported me to a place I only wish I could dream of.
I got lost in every page of the story of "life" and your outstanding artwork!

This book is pure, pure magic that took me away to places I'd love to be.
Don't know when I've read any book as full of wonder and magic that touched my soul so deeply.

Blessings of Yule and peace and magic to you always, Wendy,

Hi Wendy

This book was for my granddaughter's ninth birthday. She, like me loves the natural world, and especially hares. I was delighted to track it down - only to find her dad (my son) had bought it for the same purpose just a couple of weeks ago without telling me! The illustrations are so beautiful - I would have loved this book as a child; as an adult I have become very interested in the circle of the year and how our ancestors celebrated the changing seasons. I know it will become one of those books that will be read not just by my two granddaughters but also by generations to come. Now I can keep my own copy, and I shall love it as much as she will. Thank you.


Hope you like my poem, I love writing them and your book just inspired me to do one for you

Wendy, Wendy feel Divine Magic flowing through your arm,
Into your paintings, while you weave your charm,
Images of beauty, your pages flow,
The story weaves as the pages grow,
Your story's Alive, as the pages I turn,
The Magic and wonder, the knowledge I learn,
The colours reflecting, the feeling and emotion,
The Wheel is turning, a new season in motion,
Biting cold and so debilitating to Rays of sunshine, lifting and Energising,
The Holly king falls, the Earth she stirs,
The Oak King reigns, the Wheel she turns,
The Magic on your pages, fill me with Wonder and Delight,
From beautiful blue skies, to darkness of night,
Jewels in the sky are Arainrhod's eyes,
Hare is never alone, under greying skies,
My heart feels heavy, my eyes are full,
A page I turn and my soul you pull,
From death to Joy, from grey to Red,
The pages turn and my intrigue is fed,
Hare's journey reflects the life of us all,
Maiden, Mother and Crone, buds to blossom and fall,
Into Mother Earth, regeneration anew,
The Wheel she turns and all is new,
The prickly crown returns to the Holly King,
His vigor and Might returns as we sing,
' Wendy, Wendy full of Magic you are,
As beautiful and bright as a twinkling star,
Divinity shines and bathes you in light,
Protected you are both day and night,'

Sending you bright and happy blessings Emz x

Dear Wendy
Thank you so much for my beautiful book it is truly lovely and i shall treasure it always, Thank you also for the quick delivery and the lovely postcard sent with the book it was so friendly and a lovely personal touch not only are you amazingly creative and talented but you are a lovely person as well, thanks for cheering me up.
starry blessings to you
Nina xx

Hi Wendy

Just wanted to say thank you for completing my order so quickly.

I've been looking for a book that I can read to my 3 year old son to help him learn the seasonal changes and what they mean - Luna Moon Hare does that so perfectly. It's a beautiful book and we will be enjoying it for many years :o)

Many thanks again

Dear Wendy.

I received my book the other day and i am so happy with it. Thank you for such a wonderful thing.

I have it on my dressing table and i can see it every day. The pictures are so amazing and the story is just what i need.

Thank you so much

Love and Blessings xx


Dear Wendy,

Ever since your beautiful book arrived I just keep picking it up. It presents the turn ... turn of all life so magically; there is enchantment on every page. Thank you.

Love and blessings,


Hi Wendy

I was very impressed by the prompt delivery of your wonderful Luna Hare book which I ordered on Saturday and which arrived on Tuesday morning. I stumbled across the info on your book purely by chance and felt compelled to buy it and it has surpassed my expectations.

Hares are amazing creatures and I've had many notable encounters with them. including one very magical one. I'm a wood sculptor and the hares that I'm regularly commissioned to carve have generated a passion amongst customers and admirers that I find embarrassing as a creator, but I guess I now can embarrass you by telling you that I feel the same way about your amazing illustrations and story! I bought the book as a present for my fiancee and I know that she will be equally captivated by it. And I also must thank you for the personal message on the card you included. That was a lovely touch and made it even more special.


Dear Wendy,
Luna Moon Hare arrived safely today and I indulgently spent two hours lost within her pages. The writing and pictures are so beautiful that I cried. It is clear that not only are you an extremely talented artist but a wonderfully thoughtful woman too. Many thanks and much love to you, Carol

Hi Wendy

I just received my copy of 'Luna Moon Hare'. How beautiful it is and how wonderfully you put the turning of the wheel into a story. I originally bought the book to give to my daughter as a birthday present to help her understand the wiccan way of life through a story but I have to tell you I was so enchanted when I read it for myself I am seriously thinking of keeping it and just sharing it with my daughter or more likely you will have another order from me pretty soon so we both have a copy!

Seriously though it is a wonderful book for anyone wishing to understand the wiccan belief and for anyone just starting on their path or just to be enchanted by the beauty of it.

I wish you well deserved success and hope you write more!

Brightest Blessings

Perri x

Hi Wendy !

'Luna Moon Hare' is a very enchanting book. It has such sweet and innocent energy. The artwork is just marvellous. I especially love the green dragon, which is the sweetest dragon I've ever seen. I was deeply moved when I received 'Luna Moon Hare'. Thank you Wendy for such wonderful book on the wheel of the year !

Alicja W. from Cracow

Dear Wendy,

I have recently received your Luna Moon Hare Book and just wanted to say how delighted I am with it. It is really special. Wonderful art work. A beautiful edition to my library. Thank you.

Regards Julie

Hi Wendy,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for Luna Moon Hare. I bought two copies for Yule, one for me and one for a friend. My friend, who is not easily impressed, was deeply impressed and moved by it. I am overwhelmed with it, is stunning, beautiful, and completely Magical – it is already a timeless classic I feel. The book takes me with Luna, not as spectator, but as participant – there could be no greater praise. I am saving each chapter for the relevant time on the wheel, and am SO looking forward to the next one. Thank you,

Blessed be,

Matt – Wirral UK

Dear Wendy

Just to say your book was wonderful ,

Jersey Channel Islands

Hello Wendy,

I've received my print today of your fantastic "Hare limited edition series",what can I say Wendy! Words can't convey the emotions your artwork evokes,you are one talented lady! I had Luna Moon Hare for Yule and it was the best present ever,it really cheered a miserable flu filled family up ! My children love the artwork too! You're a star
All the best for the new year


Your book is absolutely beautiful Wendy. My birthday was a complete misery thanks to a horrible flu bug that I've caught, but opening your parcel was the first thing that made me smile in days....so Luna definitely worked her magic here. Your artwork is truly stunning and the story is simply lovely. I honestly have lost count of the amount of times that I've followed Luna's journey over the past few days.....sheer magic from start to finish. Thank you so much.

Love and Blessings,

Alison xx

(Scotland, UK)

Dear Wendy

With anticipation I patiently awaited the release of your book Luna Moon Hare. What a treasure to have! The illustrations are mesmerising as is the story. It's beautiful beyond words and I had tears streaming with the beauty of the story as I began to read it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your words and visions.

Warmest Blessings

Penny, Kent, UK

My husband gave me a beautiful gift this week - a signed copy of Luna Moon Hare.

Not only are the illustrations incredibly moving, the story is totally captivating! I have read the story aloud to my family over the last few days and it has totally enchanted us all.

I think I can say that it has opened our eyes and hearts to some very new and special thoughts and feelings ... It is all so new I can barely begin to express it ...

Thank you.


Heidi-Jo x

I am a traditional wiccan and I just wanted to say that your book Luna Moon Hare is the most beautiful and inspiring work I have ever read..I think every child should be brought up on it and I will never stop gazing at it! I will look at your art and will surely buy lots more. I just wish I had found you much earlier. Thank you for sharing your talent and wisdom. Blessings Sally

Dear Wendy,
The books arrived secure and nice wrapped as always and we are very-very happy about them!
I have already turned the pages through and I was blessed!
Beautiful images and very nice story, well done!!!
I felt the magic spreading out of the book, wonderful-simply wonderful.
We hope you have soon the prints from the book, because we are in love with some pictures :)
Now please enjoy your success what you fully deserved!!!
Blessed Be,

Fantastic! Congratulations Wendy, At last I have found time to sit quietly and read Luna Moon Hare. Here are a few words that come to mind: Simple, complex, complete, intriguing, colourful, balanced...........it is really fantastic. I shall find time to read it again, more than just once again. Thank you.
Love, Light and Blessings,

Hi Wendy
I just want to say thank you for the beautiful book, I saved it until my birthday in October to open it, it is really lovely.
Light and elven blessings

Dear Wendy,
what can I say ..... delightful, lovely story, images, book!
Love it, thank you so much
Brightest Blessings,
Leonore xx xx

Hello Wendy!
Just a note to say I received the Luna Hare Book today!
Wonderful work!!
I consider it as one of my "treasured" possesions!!
Blessings of the Goddess to you!!
New Jersey
United States

Dear Wendy,
Thankyou so much for your book - it is BEAUTIFUL. I was almost in tears when I finished reading it yesterday evening. It is really lovely. In fact I want to buy a few more copies to spread around.
Be well,

Hi wendy!
Thank you so much for these great pictures! and “luna moon hare” is the most touching story i ever read...
i wish you a marvelous full moon tonight.
be blessed,

Hi Wendy,
Thank you so much for the wonderful books which have arrived in time for my Autumn Equinox 'Thank You' ceremony on Saturday evening.
I had forgotten just what a magical book you have produced.  I read my husband the passage for Mabon and he was actually close to tears which, I think, says it all.
many many thanks.
Love and Blessings,
Janice. xxx

Hi Wendy,
I just wanted to say a big THANKYOU for Luna Moon Hare, which we received in the post mid september. I was breathtaken by the stunning beauty of the pictures and words - and wished that there had been such books to enjoy when I was a child. My two children Kara and Skye are equally enthralled with the magic of your book and so enjoyed the first time we read it together. I've passed it around to lots of friends to look at and even non-pagans agree how magical and beautiful it is!!
Love and blessings,

Hello Wendy,
Just wanted to say a quick thank you for the lovely cards and Luna Moon Hare. What a gorgeous story; evocatively told and beautifully illustrated. One to treasure, really treasure...
I especially resonated to the words at the end of the repeating verse, about when you reach the end you'll be ready to start. Says so much to me about the initiatory journey through life... thank you. Blessings,

Dear Wendy,


I just had to contact you to tell you how lovely your Luna Moon Hare book is. I was privileged to see your paintings and presentation at this year's Goddess Conference, but the reality of the book in my hands is even more wonderful. The pictures and the story are hauntingly beautiful and I experience such joyful emotions every time I look at it. Thank you!

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